Saturday, August 18, 2012

Stars & Stripes

Hey guys, I got this pair for my Birthday a couple of days ago. It was given to me by Miss Violet of (go check out her blog if you have time!) The US flag print on this shoes really stands out wether you`re wearing colorful clothes or simple plain  pieces. This pair of US flag print sneakers are really cool for your everyday style. What can you say about it? Let me know! Have a great weekend!

                                                               Kicks: Topman

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Yeezy ain`t that easy to find.

It`s been a while now since Kanye`s Air Yeezy 2 came out, and I just can`t stop admiring the looks of them Yeezy`s. Too bad they don`t have them anywhere near me. Does anyone know where I can get them? Anyways, that`s all for for now. Don`t forget to come back for my next post! I will be posting a gift I got for my special day! Have a great weekend!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Check out this colorway!

I don`t know if anyone of you have seen this Lebron 9 South Beach, but its colorway is just so kickass! I don`t have them but it would be really great if I could find them around my area. These are the first pairs of Lebron 9s that really caught my eye! They look really unique and fresh. What about you guys out there? Let me know what you think about the color mixing of grey, mint candy, green and pink! Have an awesome day.

Kicks: Lebron 9 South Beach

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Who said Black kicks aren`t cool?

Hey there! It`s been more than a week since the London 2012 started. This time I wanted to share my pair of Nike Air Max 90`s. I think they look really simple and easy to match with any other color. Black and white are the two colors that just go great with anything. If you`re planning to go with just a shirt and jeans, its fine. If you want to go with track pants, it`s still fine! Anyways, here I leave you with a few shots of my kicks. Have a great day!

                                                            Kicks: Nike Air Max 90`s